Kebenaran adalah selembar cermin di tangan Tuhan, jatuh dan pecah berkeping-keping. Setiap orang memungut kepingan itu, memperhatikannya, lalu berpikir telah memiliki kebenaran secara utuh. ~ Jalaluddin Rumi

Life at 26: Concept of Love Yourself

I’m bringing this post from my old blog cz i think it still fit the Love Yourself theme. 🙂 Happy reading. 🙏🏻


It happens every year. Another 365 days pass, and that point in time comes back around that remarks a new age. Today is my birthday. My skin and bones have carried me through 25 years of life, and this day I met 26. I think this the first year that I actually do feel different on my birthday. It kind of scares me, because that means change is present. I’ve felt it creeping up, but it took a birthday to take a step back and dissect the current content of my life. Some things I expected, but others didn’t.

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Amor Fati

These are things that I've been struggling with, back and forth. I just couldn't face people's judgment, so instead of lying I hide myself to the corner.